Skipping the one C-X one C-C bond rule in Kumada cross coupling reaction. Diarylation from an only B-I in metallacarboranes.

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High-Boron-Content Porphyrin-Cored Aryl Ether Dendrimers: Controlled Synthesis, Characterization, and Photophysical Properties.

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The effect of a paramagnetic metal ion within a molecule: comparison of the structurally identical paramagnetic 3,3-Fe(1,2-C2B9H11)(2) (-) with the diamagnetic 3,3-Co(1,2-C2B9H11)(2) (-) sandwich complexes.

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Metallacarboranes as Building Blocks for Polyanionic Polyarmed Aryl-Ether Materials (vol 47, pg 9497, 2008).

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Intramolecular hydrogen bonding stabilizes the nuclearity of complexes. A comparative study based on the H-carborane and Me-carborane framework.

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Surface Activity and Molecular Organization of Metallacarboranes at the Air-Water Interface Revealed by Nonlinear Optics.

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Negatively Charged Metallacarborane Redox Couples with Both Members Stable to Air.

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Efficient Chemical Modification of Carbon Nanotubes with Metallacarboranes.

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Boron Clusters as a Platform for New Materials: Synthesis of Functionalized o-Carborane (C2B10H12) Derivatives Incorporating DNA Fragments.

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Poly-iodinated closo 1,2-C2B10 and nido 7,8-C2B9 (-) carborane frameworks: Synthesis and consequences.

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Intramolecular Communication in Anionic Oxidized Phosphanes through a Chelated Proton.

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How to get the desired reduction voltage in a single framework! Metallacarborane as an optimal probe for sequential voltage tuning.

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Biological interaction of living cells with COSAN-based synthetic vesicles.

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Synthesis of Periphery-Decorated and Core-Initiated Borane Polyanionic Macromolecules.

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Synthesis of Globular Precursors.

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Is Molecular Chirality Connected to Supramolecular Chirality? The Particular Case of Chiral 2-Pyridyl Alcohols.

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