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Tuning the deposition parameters for optimizing the faradaic and non-faradaic electrochemical performance of nanowire array-shaped ITO electrodes prepared by electron beam evaporation R. Pruna, M. López, F. Teixidor, Nanoscale 2019, 11, 276-284. Synthesis and self-assembly of a carborane-containing ABC triblock … Continue reading

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Merging Icosahedral Boron Clusters and Magnetic Nanoparticles: Aiming toward Multifunctional Nanohybrid Materials E. Oleshkevich, F. Teixidor, A. Rosell, C. Viñas, Inorg. Chem. 2018, 57, 462-470. Discovery of Potent EGFR Inhibitors through the Incorporation of a 3D-Aromatic-Boron-Rich-Cluster into the 4-Anilinoquinazoline Scaffold: … Continue reading

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Carborane-layered double hydroxide nanohybrids for potential targeted- and magnetically targeted-BNCT applications. Ahmet Nedim Ay, Hande Akar, Adnana Zaulet, Clara Viňas, Francesc Teixidor and Birgul Zumreoglu-Karan, Dalton Trans., 2017, 46, 3303-3310. Monolayer contact doping from a silicon oxide source substrate. Liang … Continue reading

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Switchable Surface Hydrophobicity-Hydrophilicity of a Metal-Organic Framework. Rodríguez-Hermida, S.; Tsang, M. Y.; Vignatti, C.; C. Stylianou, K.; Guillerm, V.; Pérez-Carvajal, J.; Teixidor, F.; Viñas, C.; Choquesillo-Lazarte, D.; Verdugo Escamilla, C.; Peral, I.; Juanhuix, J.; Verdaguer, A.; Imaz, I.; Maspoch, D.; … Continue reading

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Skipping the one C-X one C-C bond rule in Kumada cross coupling reaction. Diarylation from an only B-I in metallacarboranes. Arderiu, V. S.; Viñas, C.; Teixidor, F. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 2015, 798, 160-164. High-Boron-Content Porphyrin-Cored Aryl Ether Dendrimers: Controlled … Continue reading

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  COSAN as a molecular imaging platform: synthesis and “in vivo” imaging   Gona, Kiran B.; Zaulet, Adnana; Gomez-Vallejo, Vanessa; et ál..   CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS  Volume 50, Issue 77, Pages 11415-11417        Water-soluble manganese inorganic polymers: the role of carborane clusters and producing large structural … Continue reading

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Synthesis, Characterization, and Thermal Behavior of Carboranyl–StyreneDecorated Octasilsesquioxanes: Influence of the Carborane Clusters onPhotoluminescenceAlbert Ferrer-Ugalde, Emilio Jos Jurez-Prez, Francesc Teixidor, Clara ViÇas, andRosario NfflÇez*[a] An European Journal Chemistry DOI: 10.1002/chem.201302493   Lyotropic Lamellar Phase Formed from Monolayered q-ShapedCarborane-Cage Amphiphiles**Damien Brusselle, … Continue reading

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“Mercaptocarborane-capped Gold Nanoparticles: Electron Pools and Ion Traps with Switchable Hydrophilicity”. A.M. Cioran,A. D. Musteti, Francesc Teixidor, Ž. Krpetić, I. A. Prior, M. Brust,C. Viñas. Journal of American Chemical Society, 2012, 134(1), 212-221. “Synthesis and characterization of new fluorescent styrene-containing carborane derivatives. The … Continue reading

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“Experimental Evidence of Ca[B12H12]2 Formation During Decomposition of a Ca(BH4)2+ MgH2 Based Reactive Hydride Composite”. CB. Minella, S. Garroni, D. Olid, F. Teixidor, C. Pistidda, I. Lindemann, O. M.D. Baro, R. Bormann, T. Klassen, M. Dornheim Journal of Physical Chemistry … Continue reading

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“Additive tuning redox potential in metallacarboranes by sequential halogen substitution”. P. González-Cardoso,A.-I. Stoica, P. Farràs, A. Pepiol, C. Viñas and F. Teixidor Chemistry A European Journal, 2010, 16, 6660. “A convenient synthetic route to useful monobranched polyethoxylated halogen terminated [3,3-Co(1,2-C2B9H11)2]- … Continue reading

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