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The 4th edition of The Halogen Chemistry International Meeting (HALCHEM) was held in Platja d’Aro from 25 to 27th of September 2008.




The acronym “HALCHEM” comes from the words “HALogen and CHEMistry”.


The first three editions of the meetings have been organized in Sardinia – Italy (2002 and 2004) and in Gioannina – Greece (2006). 



Although the number of the participants to the three subsequent editions remained almost constant (about 40 researchers coming from different countries), the high quality of the lectures and the active participation of all the members to informal and actual discussions have greatly contributed to the success of each meeting and to the thick network of collaborations among the groups.

In the HALCHEM meetings all the groups have had enough time to enlighten their main interests and all the topics regarding the chemistry of the halogens (such as synthetic and theoretical aspects, spectroscopy, metal powder activation by CT adducts, supramolecular chemistry, hypervalent halogen compounds, etc.) were very well received.

Hypervalence was the reason to introduce other elements besides the most traditional halogens. Consequently, the subject of the congress was extended to other molecules incorporating main group elements that have more than eight electrons in their valence shell.


We believe everybody has enjoyed participating to HALCHEM IV in Platja d’Aro and in the meantime we wish you great success in your research!


Additional information regarding the Halchem IV congress can be found at http://www.icmab.es/halchemIV.


The Organizing Committee, Bellaterra, 2008

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