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The Organizing Committee was pleased that around 140 scientists and accompanying persons were present at the first EUROBORON meeting held in Platja d’Aro (Girona) during 20-24th September 1997. All sessions of the conference took place in the Hotel Mar Condal.

There were five Plenary Lectures, four scientific and one related to the European Research Possibilities. Following each Scientific Plenary lecture a colloquy of 30 minutes was scheduled. Contributed Lectures were of 20 minutes.

As it was agreed at the last IMEBORON congress held in Heidelberg, it would be a great opportunity to start a series of EUROBORON conferences within Europe. These would be timely placed between the IMEBORON, and their contents and aims would be different.

The idea of the EUROBORON congresses was born from the need of adapting to the new political and economical situations originated in Europe as a result of the European Union. The more this develops, the greater is the influence of Brussels in respect of the research policies both within the European Union countries and the in respect of the ongoing projects with the formerly Eastern Countries. This influence will certainly induce a cooperation program between research groups from different countries, but will also require a financial support which will be partially covered by the European Commission and also by the National Programs. The interesting results showed by the ERASMUS Programs are a mirroring of the nowadays condition and its possibilities of development.

Thus, this first EUROBORON intended to be the seed of a forum, where different aspects related to the growth, the development, the financial aspect and the possible applications of boron chemistry in Europe could be discussed. It is expected that the EUROBORON contents will be of great importance both for senior staff members and for young researchers. It will also be of interest for doctoral and post-doctoral students that will want to contribute in Lectures and Posters with case study topics and research results. Therefore, in order to achieve these expectancies and to stimulate the attendance, the EUROBORON meetings will be organized at a reasonable price without changing the quality of the accommodation.

EUROBORON I was sought to produce the adequate climate in order to bring together senior and young researchers. Thus, the Plenary Lecturers were considered to be researchers already retired or those who are close to retirement. We have thought in people that will be happy to lecture on their achievements, but also to talk about aspects for which, for one reason or another, they do not see yet any accomplishment.

Furthermore their wide range certainly should be valuable for all, not only for the junior, but also for those already recognized as scientists. The lectures should point to “Future Perspectives and Goals in Boron Chemistry”. Cluster and Organic Boron Chemistry will be represented. A colloquy after each Plenary Lecture, conducted by junior researchers, is considered to be a good way to stimulate youth participation.

During the preparation of EUROBORON I the following address has been used to provide information to everybody interested. An e-mail address,, was available for suggestions and questions related to the conference.

We hope that this experience will be rewarding and attractive for all participating people and will continue to develop as a reference for all people interested in the field.

In Bellaterra, 20th August 1997

Francesc Teixidor & Clara ViƱas

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